Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific

“On behalf of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude towards the team at Verztec for their utmost efforts in handling the project efficiently and professionally.

Despite the urgency of the requests made, the team spared no efforts in ensuring that our requirements were met. They were able to meet the deadlines set and implement the required changes promptly with quick turnaround times. Additionally, we would like to express our appreciation towards the high level of commitment demonstrated in ensuring the quality and accuracy of our technical drawings.

Overall, it was an excellent working experience. We look forward to more opportunities for collaborating with Verztec again in the future.”

Toru Nakajima
General Manager, Business Operation Department
Waste-to-Energy Business Unit
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Totalisator Board

“The Board appointed Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd for a period of three years from 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2018. The scope of services for the appointment includes design and conceptualisation, copywriting, editorial, photography, printing and related services for the production of the Board’s Annual Report.

The team from Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd was prompt, professional and progressive. They listened attentively to the requirements of the Board, challenged themselves to propose alternative solutions to challenges, and conducted repeated reviews to ensure good quality production. There were work challenges initially and the lessons learnt were quickly converted into regular work tasks and value propositions by the team subsequently.

I appreciate the effort and commitment of the team from Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd. The Annual Report for the three years were of good quality, delivered on time and on budget. I also appreciate the suggestions and ideas from the team, to continuously challenge the norm and make the Annual Report comprehensive, reader-friendly and resonate with the audience.”

Yong Fook Chyi
Senior Director, Corporate Services
Singapore Totalisator Board

National Environment Agency

“Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd was appointed as a service provider from 15/07/16 to 12/03/18 under a public tender called by the Singapore Environment Institute (SEI) for the design and production for the SEI Yearbook.

The contract was ended early due to a decision within SEI to discontinue production of the publication going forward.

Verztec has completed two editions of the SEI Yearbook for FY15 and FY16. We note their commitment to producing the publications on time while accommodating the changes requested and in producing professional work that was able to meet our requirements. SEI staff have enjoyed working with its team.

We wish Verztec the best in its future endeavours.”

Mr Chris Tobias
Assistant Director
Singapore Environment Institute
National Environment Agency

People’s Association

“We would like to thank the team at Verztec for their professionalism and outstanding customer service. Eric and team had been proactive and patient in rendering service support during the development and implementation phases. They were quick in rectifying issues and implementing changes as the project progressed. We were glad to be able to achieve our desired outcomes and even upon completion of the project, the aftercare service never dipped and the team was quick assist on any follow-up matters.

Once again, we would like to thank team at Verztec for the fruitful completion of the project. Cheers!”

Lim Ting Ji
Head (Corporate Development)
CDC Planning and Development Division
People’s Association

Housing & Development Board

“We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the team at Verztec for the support and dedication with the exhibition during the XXI World Congress for Safety & Health At Work 2017.

The team has been very accommodating, and always willing to go above and beyond what is required in the production of the video, posters and brochures. The success of the exhibition would not have been possible without your help.

lt has been a great pleasure working with the team. We look forward to working with the team and Verztec in the future.”

Goh Keng Cheong
Deputy Director
Housing & Development Board

Ministry of Manpower

“Thank you for the successful completion of our work injury compensation publications.

We would like to express our appreciation for Verztec’s good work and excellent services in this project. Verztec was generous in providing various design ideas and was accommodating to our request to help amend the content when the publications were already printed.

In particular, we would like to commend your senior consultant, Huang Tianyu who displayed a high level of professionalism in her work. For instance, prior to her long leave, she got a colleague to cover her work to ensure continuity in the delivery of the services. There were occasions when Tianyu felt our requests were not viable, she would patiently explain the reasons and offer alternatives.

It is indeed a pleasure working with Tianyu and her team.”

Kwa Chin Bee
Head, Incident Reporting & Customer Outreach
Work Injury Compensation Department
Occupational Safety and Health Division

Singapore Prison Service

“I would like to thank you and your team for doing a great job in the provision of creative design services for 3 issues of the Singapore Prison Service’s (SPS) electronic magazine in 2016.

Your team had delivered their services promptly without delay and your response time to SPS’ requests was commendable. There were many instances when Verztec had responded quicker than expected.

The quality of work produced by Verztec had also met SPS’ expectations. Creative layout design, attractive infographics, and professional proof-reading services were some of the notable quality works. There was also instances when Verztec had helped to improve the quality of the photographs to ensure that the overall quality of the magazine was not compromised.

SPS looks forward to working with Verztec again in 2017.”

Ong Boon Hwee
Singapore Prison Service

Nanyang Technological University

“The whole experience working with Wei Min and team on Discover your Dream Programme in NTU website has been a very positive one. The team is responsive to our requirements and we are pleased with the quality of their work and support they provided.”

Stephanie Tan
Marketing and Operations
National Technological University


“On behalf of my team in e2i, I would like to extend our appreciation to Verztec. Verztec has worked on a number of projects for our organisation, such as the production of our Healthcare brochure as well as the translation and desktop publishing for one of our collaterals.

We would like to commend the team in-charge for their responsive and fast turnaround time to accommodate our requirements. We are appreciative of the team’s efforts in meeting our timeline for production, as well as the good after-sales support rendered.

Thank you once again for the good work.”

Cherlynn Cheong
Senior Specialist (Care Services)
Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability

Singapore Land Authority

“It was a pleasure working with Renee and the team at Verztec on our Annual Report 2015/16. We appreciate the team’s responsiveness to our requirements and their efforts in meeting our timeline, as well as the overall commitment to the project.

Thank you very much.”

Johnson Seah
Deputy Director, Corporate Communications
Singapore Land Authority

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“On behalf of the lnfocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), I would like to thank you and your team for the great job in helping us design and produce the IDA Cloud Computing Booklet 2016 Edition from Nov 2015 to May 2016.

It has been a great pleasure working with Verztec, especially in terms of your team’s excellent design services, highly-efficient and timely responses rendered. We are also thankful for the team’s prompt follow-ups with the sponsors and directory-listed companies, to put together all the information needed for the publication.

The final product has shown to be aesthetically appealing and high-quality in its design and printing output. The booklet has been well-received by our target audience.

Thank you for your consistent professionalism and outstanding support.”

Dr Lee Hing Yan
National Cloud Computing Office

Singapore Prison Service

“The team in Verztec, represented by project manager Ms Sim Wan Ting, had been committed to their service throughout the contract period. They delivered the electronic magazine promptly without delay and their response time to our requests is commendable. There were also instances when they responded quicker than expected. We also received kind notifications from Wan Ting when she was going on a period of absence, and there would be another staff covering her duty to support our contract.

The quality of work produced by the team also meets more than our expectations. Creative layout design, attractive info graphics, and professional proof-reading service are some of the notable quality works. There was also instances when the quality of photographs provided for the magazine was not ideal. The team had helped to improve the quality of the photographs to ensure that the overall quality of the magazine is not compromised.

We looks forward to working with the team again.”

Neo Ming Feng
Singapore Prison Service

Ministry of Manpower

“We would like to thanks the team who have worked with us for this project. We appreciate that the project is completed within schedule, and the flexibility given by the team. Especially to Ying Lin, you gave us an assured sense of feeling by your prompt replies and even working beyond office hours to keep us updated on the progress.

Thanks again for the great team effort which produced such an amazing piece!”


Personal Data Protection Commission

“On behalf of PDPC, we would like to thank the team at Verztec for the work done in the copyediting and design conception of our monthly Data Protection Officer (DPO) e-Newsletter.

Our collaboration with Verztec on this project has been a smooth and pleasurable one. We would especially like to thank Ying Lin and Geannie for value-adding to the project by updating content changes promptly, implementing design changes within short periods of time, and providing us with consistent and useful feedback throughout the course of the project in the form of monthly reports. Verztec has also been efficient and professional in their service, which we appreciate immensely.

Thank you once again for your support and service. We look forward to working with you again.”

Ms Ng En Qi
Assistant Manager
Communications, Outreach, International
Personal Data Protection Commission

People’s Association

“On behalf of the Community Arts & Culture Division of the People’s Association, I would like to thank Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd for the successful completion of the designing and copy-editing of (a) PAssionArts Festival Guide 2015 and (b) PAssionArts Post-Festival publication for the annual PAssionArts Festival 2015 held in conjunction with the celebration SG50 and National Day.

We appreciate your patience and efficiency in carrying out the project and for being so accommodating in acceding to the frequent changes to the designs and the texts, often at short notice.”

Liew Chin Choy
Project Coordinator
People’s Association